The Cat Creek Welsh Stud is a continuation of the Ar-Sh-We
(ARabian-SHetland-WElsh) Farm which started its Welsh pony raising in 1960. This was the
fulfillment of Grayce Hoffa's dream, to "have a pony".
This dream started with a desire to have a black Welsh pony mare. The search led to Mr and Mrs
V.C. Johnson's Lillegard, in Northville MI. The black filly was only available if the dam was also
purchased. So, to Kalamazoo, MI came the mare *Cefn Mist and her black filly, Lillegard Crescent
by*Revel Race.

While at the Lillegard, Grayce was so smitten by the filly *Blaenbwch Treasure that another trip was
made and both *Blaenbwch Treasure and her half brother, imported in utero, Lillegard Sparkler
came to join us.

Others followed: *Cilrhedyn Mair, *Blaenbwch Lillibet, *Kirby Cane Gladly, *Piethyll Gay Socks,
Farnley Garland and the stallion *Revel Race.

The percuit of raising Black color led to the lease of the many times champion stallion Severn Black
Hopes were high that *Cefn Mist would do her magic and again produce a black foal. Grayce
entered the hospital 2 weeks before Misty foaled a bay colt of the highest quality. Grayce only
seeing pictures of this colt Ar-Sh-We Cefn then passed on.

Harlan carried on the dream of raising black colored Welsh finding the greatest success in the most
unassuming little mare, *Cilrhedyn Mair.
This family's involvement in Welsh ponies is on its third phase located now in the rolling hills of
North West Missouri. And, wouldn't you know it, a decendant of *Blaenbwch Treasure, Welshaven
Dusky Daze, kicking it off.
Join me in this walk down Memory Lane and take a gander at what we have been up to all these
We try to keep the site updated, so we extend a warm Welcome to visit again.
Thank you for stopping by........ Sally Hoffa- Davidson

For more information please contact:       660/789-3124                                                                                        
34593 E350th PL,Gilman City MO   64642                   
Lillegard Venus
*Revel Race X *Cilrhedyn Mair
Michigan State Fair with Sally Hoffa
*Cilrhedyn Mair
with Harlan Hoffa
*Blaenbwch Treasure and filly by
Severn Black Diamond
*Blaenbwch Lilibet and filly by
Severn Black Diamond
*Revel Race
*Piethyll Gay Socks
Farnley Garland and colt full brother to
Ar-Sh-We Black Barbana
Ar-Sh-We Cefn
Welsh Ponies since 1960
Cat Creek Welsh Stud
*Cefn Mist with colt by
Severn Black Diamond
Lillegard Crescent
*Revel Race X *Cefn Mist
Michigan State Fair
Bob Meadema
Monica Nelson
Brule' Creek Welsh Ponies
Beresford SD