Cat Creek Graycious Me

baby Graycie and Maggie
Cat Creek Graycious Me
CC Fury X Yokecrest Golden Mirage

Graycies pedigree is conciderd by the old
time breeders to be the "Golden Cross" of
Sec A
Graycie is a superb mover too
Nat Ch CC Fury.
Sired by a N.Ch, who was sired by the sire of
Royal Welsh Ch.
Criban Gold Cockade. Concidered the best
of the old imports.
The Criban Stud kept records of their ponies
for 200 years befor the WPCS was founded
Yokecrest Golden Mirage whos
bloodlines are concidered invaluable
Cilrhedyn Mair at an advanced age

09 filly
Cat Creek Sparkle Me

Jake learning how baby pony eats