Miniature Pinschers
This page is dedicated to Turbo.
Turbo and Bruce became the best of buddies
and started this family's love affair with
the Miniature Pinscher.
Guard duty in Germany
S:Nick  D:Taffy
Diva Deedle Dee
Peekie Peek-A-Boo
Little Lucy Loo
DeMin Fudge Ripple
Surebet's Roc'star Winagain
King Choco
Cristy's Karmel
Brauer's Chocolate Mousse
Daniels Missy
King Choco
Dutchess Sadie Anne
Clark's Baron Von Der Wien
Clark's Bonni Cocoa Vania
Little Jakey Boys Pride
Fancy Lynns Delight
Lb's Diamond
Mary's Tuff Chip
Brauer's Chocolate Mousse

Lulu II
Prince Nicolas Starter

Princess Milicent Ann
Dan-D's Dream-N-The Re-Ing

Re-Ing's Mi Fair Lady
B'Haven Willie Wonka Choco

Brand's Dancer
Mz's Victorious Hero

Karen's Sassy Cocoa Kyss
Mr Romeo Spike

Deb's Dixieland Delight
Msr's Hershey Cocoa Puff
Honey By The Teaspoon
KB's Mighty Queen Latiffa
CH Gait-A-Ways Dan-D Dreamer
Clint's Bright As Laura
CH Mercer's Desert Storm
Trademarks Raven Beauty
CH Carlee Nubby Silk
CH Carlee Color Me Silk
CH Roy Bee's Sportin' Man
CH Kit's Mischievous Mimi
CH Whitehouses Alakazan
Tina's Bonnie Black Satin
CH Shajawn Semi Tough
CH Carlee Love Unlimited
Skiper The Great
Meri Huggy Bear Meador
CH Shajawn Semi Tough
Kay's Happy Hooker
CH Tay-Mar Black Bandit
Long's To Kiss A Red Toad
CH Mercer's Desert Storm Sun
Trademark's Raven Beauty
CH Carlee Nubby Silk
CH Carlee Color Me Silk
Ch Roy Bee's Sportin'Man
Ch Kit's Mischievous Mimi
CH WhitehousesAlakazan
Tina's Bonnie Black Satin
CH Jay-Macs Top Hand
CH Sanbrook Swingin Sweetheart
CH Swajawn Semi Tough
Schatzie Von Glenwich
Little Joe II
Bedford's Ginger
Tay-Mar's Flashin Texan
Durrs Miss Pracilla
Dobie Von Schnuck
Bryel's Hot Stuff
Heza Chocolate Chip
Pierce's Sweet Nancy
CH Kimberlyns T-Town Traveler
San-Fran's Sandy Mae
Jess-Vine Buddy
Sutherland's Lena Baby
Collins' Royal K-La Cognac
Penny's Peanutbutter
Freeman's Flash
Sparklin Amber
Dandy of Groovy Acres
Jw's Smiley
Jw's Hellen
CH Barcarole Fancy Casanova
Echo Hills Moon Flower
For Joy's Proud Prancer
For Joy's Tinker Belle
CH Echo Hill's Chip'N
For Joy's Tinker Belle
Ding-A-Ling Tuffy
Carson's Petunia
Sparky II
Barker's Mikey
Circle C's Little Bita Honey
Rogeda's Black Max
Rogeda's Shy Lucy
Red King
Mary's Danelle
CH Alfra Ebony Shiner

CH Carlee Color Me A Winner

CH Legacy's Black Gold

Black Satin Doll

CH Ruffians Starbuck

Bay Toys Miss Sheba

CH K-Phil's Black Maverick

Rocky Creek's Tough of Ambur

CH Alfra Ebony Shiner

CH Carlee Color Me A Winner

CH Legacy's Black Gold

Black Satin Doll

CH Shajawn's Free Hand

Tough Schat Von Glenkwich

Mama's Lilte Dinker

Sweet Little Mindy
Huggy Bear

Pierces Sweet Becky

San-Fran's T-Town Burris

Black Lena

Johnny Bee Good

Cripes Sparklin Money

Shadowfax Dandy Li'l Prince

Pr's Minnie

CH Echo Hills Chip'n

For Joy's Tinker Bell Two

Khil Wee Willie Hans

Khil Debbie

Rogeda's Prince Rex

Little Lou Chrenshaw

Rogeda's Corky Bovver

Rogeda's Ms Bambi
CH Alfra Black Jack

Jj's Copper Penny

Caldwell's Carbon Copy

Wendy Acreas Touch of Velvet

CH Alfra Black Jack

Jj's Copper Penny

Perkins Sharps Black Apache

Miss Zuffy Brown
Triple D Prince Barneby

Aye Jays Lena Babe

Fredrick William Of Fralu

Minnie's Gretta Of Fralu

Khil wee Willie Hans

Khil Sally

Aye Jay King Loius Rexheimer

Rogeda's Hope
Legacy's Sudden Impact

Bay Toys Dorsey

Legacy's Sudden Impact

Aintworth's Winter Robin
Triple D Black Jack

Tina Of Fralu

Sonny's Rusty Boy

Taylor's Chelsie
Bay Toys Inky

Impact's Lil Darling
Double D Black Jack

Toshia of Knights
Rainbow Acre's Heza Jake Pin
Ruby of Knights
KB's Dominick's Pride
This is Taffy's newest litter of puppies, all