Monica's most recent work for the
CWPCA  2007  T-Shirt
Monica's work for 2004
Monica's work for 2005
Monica's work for CWPCA 2006
After waiting for 27 years the house has a basement
Now for the rest of the work.
This house was built in 1912 with the dowery money Bruces' grand
mother had. She moved her family into this house from a dirt floor log
This will soon be a bi-Centennial farm.
              I call this "Smiles for Graycie"
Cat Creek Mair Favor, Cat Creek Daze Silver Treasure and          
Melodeewood Daisy Breeze  Doing Pony Rides to raise
money                 for Relay For Life Sponcerd by Trenton Hy-Vee
First time for LeadLine.
Left to right:
Monica with Cat Creek Mair Favor
with Jaycie riding
Sally with Cat Creek Peachie Me
With Scott riding
Sami with Melodeewood Daisy
Breeze and Chiara riding
Jake "Rooster" Black and his
pony Cat Creek Tanist
their first time in LeadLine