Ar-Sh-We Daze Sparkler
Ar-Sh-We Black Barbana X Blaenbwch Treasure
Grayce Hoffa and one of the Shetlands a
gelding called Silver. Silver was 36 years
old for many years
The first Welsh foal
Ar-Sh-We Trinket
Lillegard Sparkler X Cefn Mist
Cat Creek Daze Dunn
CC Fury X Welshaven Dusky Daze
Ar-Sh-We Almineta
Fairview Thos L. Thomas X  Cilrhedyn
Ar-Sh-We Tikie Me
Ar-Sh-We Black Barbana X Ar-Sh-We Taffy
Small Hunter Pony Champion for Yokecrest
Cat Creek Addah
Ar-Sh-We My Bluff X Ar-Sh-We Aleta
Half-Welsh colt
Cat Creek Sun Rising
Ar-Sh-We My Bluff X Ar-Sh-We NiYare
Half-Welsh filly
Cat Creek Rose of Grace
GlanNant Epic X Ar-Sh-We NiYare
Half-Welsh mare. This lovely mare could be no more
properly placed than as she is with George and
Thalia Gentzel at Helicon Sport Ponies.
Cat Creek Zicklag
Ar-Sh-We My Bluff X Ar-Sh-We Aleta
Half-Welsh filly
Blaenbwch Lilibet with colt by
Severn Black Diamond
Showing the odd true dun color.
Blaenbwch Treasure and colt by Revel Race
Again the true dun color this family of pony
Ar-Sh-We Daze Sparkler
Ar-Sh-We Black Barbana X Blaenbwch Treasure
Note the barring on his shoulders and interesting
the silver in his tail.
Yokecrest Golden Mirage
Criban Gold Cockade X Cilrhedyn
"Maggies" breeding was concidered
This is Ar-Sh-We Lady Henna
Lilligard Sparkler X Cefn Mist
One of 4 siblings and Henna the
chestnut the other 3 being dun.
Ar-Sh-We Treasures Delight
Seven Black Diamond X Blaenbwch
Bringing home the Michigan Bred, Raised ,
Owned and Shown
Ar-Sh-We My Bluff
Farnley Carillon X Lillegard Gay
Lillegard Gay Say
Revel Race X Piethyll Gay
The Ride
Blaenbwch Treasure with the
East Cooper Elementary on an outing.
Welsh ponies were always on hand to help
the school fund raising social every year.
Cat Creek Cowboy
CC Fury X Welshaven Dusky Daze
as a two year old at Yokecrest Farm
Cat Creek Daze Command
CC Fury X Welshaven Dusky Daze
aka Max now a therepudic riding pony
Cat Creek Escapade
CC Fury X Melodeewood Daisy
Cat Creek Tig
CC Fury X Melodeewood Daisy Breeze
Yokecrest Twelfth Arrival
CC Fury X Yokecrest Blue Persuasion
Rambur Reflection
CC Fury X Rambur Ballog LaSenda
*Blaenbwch Treasure r, daughter
Ar-Sh-We Taffy with Susie Yogerst
at Great Lakes Welsh Event
Ar-Sh-We Black Magic
Ar-Sh-We Black Barbana X Cilrhedyn Mair
Cat Creek Mia
CC Fury X Cat Creek Mair Favor
left; Welshaven Dusky Daze and Monica
Davidson doing Saddleseat
right; Melodeewood Daisy Breeze and
Aaron Davidson doing Huntseat
at Ozark Empire Fair
Lilligard Sparkler
Harlan Hoffa
Davric Ebony King
being prepared for showing
Yokecrest Twelfth Arrival
Yokecrest Blue Persuasion
Monica riding Daisy and friend Brandy
riding Dusky with foals and doggies
returning from a trail ride
Photo Album
Army moms Monica and friend
Rachel enjoying a pony day
with the kids and Misty